Customer Satisfaction

Our customer’s high demands for excellent quality are taken into account by our optimized production processes and selection of respected local supplying partners, with whom we have a close cooperation. This guarantees the high quality of all products we supply. 

To guarantee our customer’s satisfaction and optimal support for our products, Dhatec provides the following services:

  • Short lead times in case of rush orders
  • Safe and ergonomic packing of our products
  • Application of our products by our people on-site
  • Instructions and technical support to people on the work floor
  • Quality control and monitoring of our products during projects
  • Advice regarding line pipe logistic processes: handling, transport, storage and preservation
  • Retrieving products for repair, recycling or waste disposal
  • If you need additional services that you cannot find here, please contact us.           

Project Management

Our services reach far beyond the supply of products. For project management teams, Dhatec is a knowledge partner for support, advice and trainings to improve logistic operations in the supply chain of line pipes anywhere in the world. Our experts are ready to assist in optimizing line pipe logistics and reduce associated costs within your pipeline project.

Technical Developments

For Dhatec, R&D has always been the best way to translate customer and market inputs into new or improved products. Our annually renewed development program is carried out at our own R&D centre, which is integrated in our production facility in the Netherlands.

The program also includes collaborative projects that we initiate together with our customers, other industry players and student engineers to research important line pipe issues. Our research subjects are specific and customer oriented. They are complemented by ongoing basic research.

Onsite installation and commissioning

Dhatec is able to provide on-site installation and commissioning of our products. Our on-site activities can also consist of training local operational personnel. Attached images will give an impression of our on-site activities. For more information or an enquiry, please contact us.



Help desk

Our technical engineers are available to answer all your questions. As your technology partner, we can assist you with hands on solutions for any pipe diameter and any climate circumstance. Detailed instructions are always provided with the first delivery of each product.

You can reach us by phone or mail.