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History of Dhatec

Our history goes all the way back to 1992 and therefore we would like to look at the past 25 years. It all started in the nineties.....



     Dhatec was founded in an old chicken barn in the small famer's town Luyksgestel, the Netherlands by Fred Das and Franca van Ham. The name Dhatec is a combination of their last names Das and van HAm. Based on the technical nature of the products, the suffix 'TEC' was added and 'Dhatec' was born.                               

The first product was the Bevel Protector. This product is clamped against the internal pipe surface to protect bevelled pipe ends from damage during the pipe transport & handling process.

1992 - 1995

     During the first few years after the company was founded, it was challanging to sell the innovative Bevel Protector. Given the pre-internet era, founder Fred Das gathered information in libraries, searching for companies in books about the metal and pipeline industry. Through company vistits and the development of close client relations, efforts were made to create brand recognition and more importantly product recognition.                   


After three years of struggeling and deep personal investments from the founders, the first big order came from a Finnish pipe company 'RautaRuukki' which resulted in Dhatec's first profitable year.

1995 - 1998

In the following years, the hard work began to pay off. With an increasing number of orders, the inventory and company resources were starting to grow as all money warned was invested back into the business.


The company was growing rapidly and soon the chicken barn was bursting at the seams. In 1999 the move was made to a real industrial building, designed by Fred himself to suit the needs of Dhatec. With a true entrepreneurial spirit more products wer developed to solve practical problems faced by Dhatec's customers.


Over the course of the decade, there was an enormous growth of the internet business. Companies started entering the World Wide Web for e-commerce and in 2000 Dhatec introduced their first website: www.dhatec.nl.


In 2002 Dhatec celebrated their 10th anniversary. One of their first customers, Eisenbau Krämer, presented a special pipe section for the application of the Bevel Protector in the lobby of the facility.


On the 15th of March, 2003, the first milestone was reached - production of the millionth Bevel Protector!

2003 - 2005

As the demand for Bevel Protectors began to grow, so did the need for other line pipe products, which led to the design of a number of additional innovative products designed to solve customers' problems. The Bevel Protector was then offered with various pipe closure add-ons based on the customer' requirements.  


After years of development, student Idsart van Assema introduced a safe and flexible system to transport pipes, named System88.

With the total supply chain of line pipes in mind, Dhatec developed a strategy providing logistic solutions to all parties involved in the supply chain. The launch of the new product System88 helped shift the focus from the Bevel Protectors to a more extensive offering of products for pipe logistics.


     As the years passed by, Dhatec started to play a role in the world's largest pipeline projects. For the two, 1,220 km Nord Stream pipelines (a natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea) Dhatec became the supplier for the transport system utilizing System88. The newly designed transport product became a standard in the line pipe industry.                         

Dhatec noticed that this transport system was also being used by clients for storage. As this system was specially been developed for 'moving' pipes, Dhatec designed a special system for the storage op pipes, named Pipe Stop. This system was also introduced with the Nord Stream Project.

In late 2009, the marketing and communication efforts made big steps forwards with global advertisements programs. In October, the magazine 'World Pipelines' published Dhatec's first front cover advertisement with a key editorial titled 'Safety in storage'.


At the end of this year, founder Franca van Ham decided to leave the company to focus on other businesses. Her share was filled in by Idsart van Assema who became Fred's new business partner, as their cooperation proved to be very synergistic.


After 2 years of research and development, Dhatec was proud to supply their newly developed end cap solution with breathable membrane for the South Stream Project (the pipeline project to transport natural gas of the Russian Federation through the Black Sea to Austria).

Dhatec rented more warehouse space as over 270,000 products had to be produced, stored and delivered to customers in Russia, Germany and the Emirates.

In April of this year, Dhatec also introduced their newly redesigned website including its first online web shop. This was a big milestone for Dhatec and the industry.


On January 5th 2015, Dhatec was acquired by the Canadian company Shawcor, the world's leading integrated energy services company. This was a positive development for Dhatec as they now were part of a big stock listed company with a worldwide footprint.
There was also an organizational change. Fred decided to take on a role as Business Advisor and Idsart stayed as the General Manager.


After 25 years, Fred decided to leave the company at the end of 2016. He always enjoyed his work as a entrepreneur but it was time for him to start a new chapter in his liefe. During Dhatec's Christmas celebration, Fred's contributions were recognized and he received his last business card in Gold as the founder of Dhatec.



On May 1st, 2017 Dhatec celebrated their 25th anniversary. This milestone was celebrated with an Open Day. During this event, supplier, customers, employees and their families had the opportunity to learn more about the company and its employees.

General Manager of Dhatec, Idsart van Assema, received a recognition plaque for the 25 succesful years of innovation. This was given by Henri Tausch (Shawcor Group President) and Cedric Oudinot (Shawcor Group Vice President). At this special moment founder of the company, Fred Das, was also present.