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BP Rubber sheet Intensive use 16" - 64"

The Blasting Plug provides pipe closure during the external blasting process. The internal pipe surface remains clean and is protected against damage and impact of steel grit and prevents the Blasting Plug of ovality. 

The Blasting Plug Rubber sheet Intensive use consists of the Basic construction (includes double clamping rubber, clamping spoke and 2 handgrips) with an extra opion: intensive use. This means a friction ring is welded on the basic construction (protects the Blasting Plug against damage) and a manganese chrome layer is welded on edges of the Blasting Plug. This protects the top edge of the Blasting Plug from wearing down.  The closure is made of Rubber sheet. Range: 16" - 64" (406,4mm - 1625,6mm).

The Blasting Plug offers the following advantages:

  • No blasting grit inside the pipe
  • Vent hole included to avoid pipe overpressure
  • Strong clamping
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