About Dhatec

Dhatec specializes in developing and manufacturing solutions to ensure damage free pipes throughout the entire logistic supply chain. We advise pipe manufacturers, coating plants, logistic companies, EPC contractors and end users how to achieve safe, efficient and damage free delivery of pipes in any circumstance or climate.

Companies in the worldwide oil and gas industry are dealing with delays and extra costs due to damages and accidents that occur while handling bare steel or coated pipes. Dhatec makes a significant contribution in organizing for safe and damage free pipe logistics. Our products and technical support improve the quality, efficiency and safety of logistic processes. With this expertise, Dhatec unburdens project managers and educates operational personnel.

Dhatec is built on strengths and core values that are embedded deeply in the DNA of our organization: Innovativeness, flexibility, quality and customer satisfaction. Based on these strengths our development department is in permanent evolution. Existing products are continuously customized to comply with the latest demands and specifications. Special sizes and extreme conditions are our daily work. In addition, Dhatec offers rental and recycling possibilities to stimulate sustainability.

Dhatec offers over 3.000 solutions in the following categories:

Pipe Closure Closure of pipes against damage and contamination.
Bevel Protection Protection of beveled ends of pipes and well heads.
Cross Bracing Cross Bracing ensures roundness of pipes during transport and storage.
Flange Protection All-round flange protection for pipe flanges of all types.
Pipe Handling Easy and efficient pipe handling can be achieved with the solutions we offer for moving and lifting of pipes, such as: Pipe Hooks and Vacuum Lifters.
Anti-Corrosion We offer Anti-Corrosion products to prevent corrosion and mildew on the internal pipe surface.
Pipe Transport With innovative products we provide safe, adjustable and flexible pipe transport systems for trains and trucks.
Pipe Storage Safe storage of line pipes can be facilitated by the use of our products.
Pipe Coating We offer products to maintain pipe quality during internal and external blasting and coating. Additionally, our products improve the efficiency and quality of these processes.

For construction at onshore, offshore and spool bases we have products available such as stalk joining clamps, masking rings and water collectors.

Mission & Vision

Our mission

In the global supply chain of tubes and pipes we provide innovative solutions to maintain quality, ensure safety and enhance efficiency.

Our vision

The global tube and pipe industry has a high need for certainty. Dhatec is committed to be a reliable partner and innovative supplier with a complete product portfolio.

Our key values

  • Maintaining a comfortable and safe working environment for our people
  • Maintaining our business integrity
  • Investing in long term commitments with our customers
  • Keep innovating